5 signs it’s time for a website rebuild

5 signs it’s time for a website rebuild

How many times have you remodeled a room in your home? Have you ever added a deck or sunroom? Why was it important for you to do this? Was your home looking a bit stale? Appliances breaking? The layout just wasn’t working to fit your growing family? If you have a website, it’s a lot like your home. You can build it, but you can’t let it just sit there forever without touching it. Here are five signs it’s time for you to consider a website rebuild.

1 – Your website gives a perception of your business. Do you appear outdated?

Let’s imagine you have a kitchen filled with outdated appliances. It still functions, sure, but you’re also missing out on all the latest bells and whistles. Your website is the same, and it is perceived the same as well. In a recent study, 38% of people said they would stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

2 – Difficulty navigating the site

If you have a bloated, hard-to-understand menu this is an immediate turnoff to website visitors. You want to guide visitors to information relative to you and their situation in as few clicks as possible. The more time a website visitor has to spend digging for the information they are looking for the higher, the chances are they will abandon your website and look elsewhere. Another study showed that for 94% of the respondents, easy navigation is the most useful website feature.

3 – Your site is not mobile friendly

Mobile phones and tablets are now the highest used devices to access the web. Some 85% of internet users do so via a mobile device. Your desktop site may look great, but if the mobile version of your website is clunky or not clean visitors will get frustrated and leave your website.

4 – Your website takes longer to load than to make a cup of coffee

A good website needs to load quickly. If your website suffers from long load times, Google will penalize your website in search results. Not only does Google not like this, but customers also do not. Remember, your competitors do exist, and if a potential customer finds your website a pain to use, they will seek your competitors out.

5 – Outdated Calls to Action are not cool

Is the messaging on your website relevant to your current business model and goals? If not, then you are likely confusing your potential customers. Having updated Calls to Action (CTAs) are critical to guiding your website visitors to take the actions you want in response to the goals you have for your business.

Website designs are critical to keeping your look fresh and ensuring a good experience for your website visitors. If you want to explore the potential a website rebuild can have, contact us at SockEm Web Solutions for a free consultation. We offer budget-friendly website builds and rebuilds for all sizes of businesses, non-profits, and municipalities.